Let's get your first alert sent to your phone & email.

  1. Go to your Project Dashboard
  2. Select Alerts on the left hand side
  3. Tap Create
  4. Enter a name like "The pH is TOO HIGH!"
  5. Set the triage level to High (because this is important!)
  6. Create a rule for your pH notebook using the Greater operand and the value of 8.0
  7. Click Add Rule
  8. Click Create

Set Up Alerts

You just created an alert for your system. Next you'll want to setup your notifications for you and your team members so everyone can receive the notifications.

  1. Click the Alert icon (which is next to the edit icon)
  2. Select your name under Account
  3. Enable Email and Push Notification check boxes
  4. Hit create

You can set this up for each member of your team and tailor their notifications.

If you're wanting to setup push notifications for your phone you'll need to do the following:

  1. Download the Aquaponics Toolkitopen in new window
  2. Log in with your Aquaponics AI email and password
  3. Enable Push Notifications when prompted

Now all that's left is to actually send the notification! Just simply enter the pH with a number above 8.0

  1. On your Project Dashboard click Record in the top right
  2. Find the pH notebook and click the Edit Button
  3. Enter 9.0 and click the Checkmark

Entering pH

What just happened: In a few seconds (depending on your carrier messages and latency) you should receive a push notification. You'll also receive an email. You will also see your triggered alerts promptly displayed on your desktop project overview and mobile device project overview!

Congratulations you just notified your team of a very important change in the system.

Bonus: You can now record a pH lower than 8.0 and it will auto-resolve.

For the System Designers and Consultants

If you're in system sales or consulting then this could really help decrease your support volume. You can set up alerts for any metric like pH, outdoor temperature, water levels, etc. and it will notify your customers immediately if something is out of order.

Last Updated: 3/27/2022, 4:26:47 AM
Contributors: Jonathan Reyes