The Marketplace

So, you have your project setup. But now you're wondering, "Is it as good as it could be? What am I missing? How am I supposed to know how to do ____?"

That's exactly what we built the marketplace for!

Marketplace Overview

We've partnered with the world's leading experts in aquaponics, hydroponics and aquaculture to bring you streamlined and improved guidelines and recommendations for running your farm.

With one click you'll be able to install templates, fish libraries, crop libraries or even lab tests!


These templates range from comprehensive SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to modular components of an SOP.

If you're wondering how to manage your filtration, you can search and install just that component.

If you're wondering how to setup an entire project from scratch using the Food and Agricultural Organization's Small-scale Aquaponic Aquaponic Food Production Manual, we got you coveredopen in new window.


Crop libraries give you the information you need to grow a crop at its maximum potential. Install these crop libraries, or create your own, and see instantly how they hold up in your live farm readings! They often come with cultivation techniques, guided metric ranges, and so much more.

Crops in System


Fish libraries ensure you have the latest expert advice regarding cultivation of a particular species. Install these fish libraries and see how this fish is performing in your system! They often come with growing/harvesting techniques, important parameter ranges, and so much more.

Fish in System

Lab tests

You can order lab tests directly through your account! View all the options for lab testsopen in new window right in the marketplace. Here is an example of a Plant Sap Analysis and the metrics it tracks:

Lab Tests

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