You can create a notebook for anything you want to track in your system. This can include anything from water quality parameters, to fish deaths, to harvest weights, to water usage.

Let's create your first custom notebook:

  1. Go to Notebooks in the left hand sidebar of your project overview.
  2. Tap the + to create a new notebook
  3. Enter a name for this notebook like pH - Fish Tank #1
  4. Select pH for the metric
  5. Enter your operating ranges for this fish (high & low values)
  6. Select your Type - most likely Time series
  7. (optional) Enable Public if you're planning on using the Farm Widget to place it on your website.
  8. Click Create

You're done! Now time to figure out what else you want to track 🔥

Operating Ranges

When you create a notebook you can specify a High and Low value which will show up in the charts where this metric is shown.

High and Low Values

Analyzing Data

Analyzing an individual notebook is one of the most fun things to do. Just click the Chart icon next to your notebook to get started...

Notebook Overview

You'll see tools to analyze historical data like date ranges and granularity!

Metric Analysis

Deleting Data

If you made an accidental entry or need to remove data from your notebook:

  1. Click the Eye next to the notebook you're wanting to edit
  2. Scroll down to the notebook entries and click the delete button for the entry you want to remove.
Last Updated: 3/27/2022, 4:26:47 AM
Contributors: Jonathan Reyes