Lab Tests

You'll love laboratories as they begin to unpack the important data hidden within your plants, fish, water, and bacteria. It's exciting to see your nutrients change over time and how they relate to other metrics.

Let's set up your first lab test:

  1. From the Project Dashboard click Laboratory
  2. Click the + to create a new lab test configuration
  3. Enter a name for the test that is specific to where it is located in your system (example: DWC #1 Water Quality)
  4. Enter your Mailing Address where you would like to have your test kit sent
  5. Enter other personal information so the lab can contact you for further details if needed
  6. Go to Select a Lab Test and search for what you're wanting to test
  7. Hit Create

Payment for tests

The payment for a test is not when you create a configuration but when a lab accepts your order. Up until this point you've only created a configuration and only when you've tapped the order button will you be charged for this test. This means you can reorder tests in a click of a button.

The next step is to map the results to your notebooks.

  1. Tap the gear next to the test you're wanting to configure
  2. Scroll down to Notebook Selection and use the dropdowns to specify which notebooks should be used for that particular metric. These are all optional, but if you don't have a notebook you'll need to create it first
  3. Hit Save

You're all set! You've just set up a lab test that you can now re-order whenever you want and your notebook charts will automatically be populated with your results!


Be sure to check the templates for your laboratory on the marketplace. They may have a template that can setup all the notebooks in one click! They would also include high/low operational ranges (guidelines for where your metrics should be) and insights on why this metric is important!

Don't forget to click Order when you're ready to test your farm!

Order Lab Test

Last Updated: 10/21/2022, 11:46:03 AM
Contributors: Jonathan Reyes